Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Every Solar Eclipse for 150 Years

A few weeks ago the Washington Post released an interactive globe showing all the solar eclipses happening around the world between now and your 100th birthday. Enter your year of birth into Here’s Every Total Solar Eclipse Happening in Your Lifetime and the path of every solar eclipse happening in your lifetime will be shown on the interactive globe.

Well - maybe not all the eclipses in your lifetime. If you plan living a little longer than 100 years then you can now use Scientific American's Coming Soon? A Solar Eclipse Near You to find out all the total and annular solar eclipses happening in your country in the next 150 years. Just select a country from the list and you can view the path of all the total and annular eclipses happening near you and the year that they will occur.

If you can't wait until the next eclipse in your country then you might want to view a strip map of this month's eclipse. The Washington Post's Travel the Path of the Solar Eclipse is a strip map which allows you to explore the whole path of the August 21st eclipse as it crosses the United States from West Coast to East Coast.

You might also like these interactive maps that show you where & when you can view August's eclipse in the USA and how much of an eclipse you might see.
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