Thursday, August 24, 2017

The First Fall Foliage of 2017

Country Living has announced the first sighting of the migratory Fall Foliage Map of 2017. The end of summer in the USA is always heralded by the first arrival of the annual Fall Foliage Map. This year Fall has arrived a little early and Smoky Mountain has already captured the first Fall Foliage Map of the year.

According to Smoky Mountain's map people living in New Hampshire, Vermont, Idaho and Montana can expect to see changes in leaf color as soon as next week. If you want to see when you can expect the full glory of Fall colors in your area then use the date slider control beneath the map to change the date shown on the map.

If you want to know the best time to view the Fall colors in your area then you could try the Weather Channel's Fall Foliage Peak Times map. This map is color coded to show the dates of peak Fall foliage throughout the USA. If you hate falling leaves and can't wait for all the Winter fun to begin then you can cheer yourself up by checking out NOAA's First Snow Map.

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