Thursday, August 02, 2018

Mapping Bird Migration Routes

Tönn, a Greater Spotted Eagle, was born in Estonia in 2008. Every year Tönn flies south to his winter grounds in Spain. Usually in March-April he flies back to Estonia. You can explore the migratory route of Tönn and hundreds of other birds on the Birdmap.

The Birdmap is an interactive map which shows the tracks of Estonian birds that have been tagged with GPS trackers. You can select to view any individual bird or combination of birds from the map menu, where the birds are listed by name and species. The selected birds' current positions and tracks are then shown on the interactive map.

The map includes the option to animate the birds' tracks for the whole year. You can also select to view the routes taken in previous years from a drop-down menu. If you click on an individual bird's marker on the map you can see how far it has flown (up to the date selected). Where available you can also view photos of the selected bird.

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