Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Where is it safe to travel?

The Travel Map is a useful tool for anyone who is planning to travel abroad. The interactive map provides travel advice and vaccine recommendations for countries around the world. It can also tell you about the prevalence of different vaccine-preventable diseases across the globe.

The Travel Map is very simple to use. Countries are colored on the map by how safe they are to visit.  If you select a country on the map you can view more information on the level of caution you need in travelling to that country. The map sidebar also provides information on the type of vaccines you might need and the prevalence of vaccine-preventable diseases in the chosen country.

If you select the 'Disease Prevalence' tab in the map sidebar you can view choropleth maps showing the prevalence of a number of diseases around the world. Choose a disease from the list of vaccine-preventable diseases and you can see a visualization of how prevalent that disease is in all the world's countries.

If you are worried about traveling abroad then you might also want to refer to International SOS's map of the travel risks in every country of the world. Their Travel Risk Map provides an overview of the travel risks in each country for medical, security and road safety.

Countries are colored on the Travel Risk Map to show the International SOS assessment of the travel risks in these three categories. The map therefore provides a very basic guide as to where it is safe to travel in the world. You should also check your government's latest travel advice as well. Many governments provide useful advice for their citizens planning to travel abroad. For example the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office provides up-to-date Foreign Travel Advice.

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