Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Race & Ethnicity in San Francisco

San Francisco Geo-Ethnicities uses 2017 data from the American Community Survey to map out where people of different races and ethnicity live in San Francisco and in the wider Bay area.

The default map view shows the race/ethnicity which has the highest percentage of the overall population in each census area. The map also allows you to create your own map views to explore the proportion of different races/ethnicities in each census area. Adding and removing data from the map can be a little difficult so you might be interested in reading the Geo-Ethnicities article in the San Franciscan, which has printed a number of choropleth maps visualizing where different races live in San Francisco.

percentage of the population who are Asian

The map above shows the percentage of the population who are Asian in each census block. Chinatown and the surrounding neighborhoods stand out as having larger than average Asian populations.

percentage of the population who are black

The only neighborhoods where African-Americans are the largest racial/ethnic group are in the Western Addition and in Bayview-Hunter's Point.

The article in the San Franciscan also includes a map showing the average household income in each census block. This obviously allows you to compare average income and the racial composition in each census block.

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