Friday, November 22, 2019

Mapping Coastal Erosion

There are lots of maps which help to visualize the danger of rising sea levels to coastal communities. In particular Climate Central's new interactive Coastal Risk Screening Tool is a great way to discover which areas of the world are most at risk from the threat of rising seas levels. The Climate Central map shows all land across the globe which is predicted to be below annual flood levels in 2050.

In the UK a number of towns are at risk from both rising sea levels and coastal erosion. Living on the Edge maps the 10 most at risk coastal locations in the UK. For each of these ten locations has created an animated map which visualizes how much land the sea is likely to steal in the next one hundred years. The ten individual maps show the sea washing over the land as time passes and provide information on the amount of shoreline which is likely to be eroded in 20, 50 and 100 years time.

Each of the coastal erosion maps also provides details on the number of properties in the effected area and the likely rebuild cost for a property in this location. Of course, being an insurance provider, also provide information in the average premium for insuring a property in the effected area.

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