Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Online GeoJSON Editors

I use nearly everyday to create and edit GeoJSON data. I find it particularly useful for tidying up and minimizing third-party data which I have downloaded from elsewhere. For example, I find very useful for previewing data which I've exported from overpass turbo. Once I've loaded the data into I can then remove or add data depending on my mapping needs.

Vector GeoJSON is another GeoJSON editor which has just been released. Like the online editor can be used to create or edit GeoJSON data directly from your browser. Using Vector GeoJSON you can import data which you have saved from elsewhere. Alternatively you can create data from scratch by adding points or polygons to the Vector GeoJSON map. When you have finished creating or editing your spatial data you can save it as a GeoJSON file. Vector GeoJSON also has an option to covert your GeoJSON to a shapefile (via the ogr2ogr web client).

Perhaps not surprisingly (because Vector GeoJSON has only just been released) at the moment has more options. I particularly like's table view, which makes it very easy to delete surplus features in your data. also currently has more options for exporting your data. As well as saving your finished data as a GeoJSON file allows you to save your spatial data as a shapefile, topoJSON, CSV or KML. 

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