Friday, June 12, 2020

How Busy is My Bus?

As more and more people are returning to work more and more people are having to break social distancing protocols by traveling on public transport. What would be really useful for those having to use public transit is real-time information about how many passengers are currently travelling on each bus, tram, train and boat.

Step forward Cardiff Bus. Cardiff Bus' real-time tracking map now includes information about how many people are currently riding on each bus. The Cardiff Bus network uses data gathered from ticket machines and also crowd-sourced from passengers themselves to provide an indication of how many passengers are on each vehicle. Therefore potential passengers can use the live bus tracking map to decide which bus to catch based on the number of passengers on each bus.

While the threat of Covid-19 is still relatively high this is a fantastic feature which other public transit companies should definitely be considering introducing. I know in the UK many trains provide real-time indications on board trains about the passenger numbers in each of the train's carriages. This would be really useful information to also provide online so that potential passengers have more information when deciding to travel or not.

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