Monday, June 15, 2020

How Far Can Your Drive in Two Hours?

Sweden's Public Health Authority is advising Swedes not to travel. However if traveling is essential it says that short trips of up to a two hour drive from your place of residence are permitted. To help people visualize how far they can drive in two hours the national public television broadcaster SVT has released an interactive isochrone map.

Så långt kommer du på två timmar (So how far can you get in two hours) uses OpenStreetMap data to work out how far Swedes can drive from any postcode address in the country. If you click on the map of Sweden a beautiful iscohrone visualization snakes out from your selected location showing how far you can drive in two hours time. Different colors are used to show the driving time to each location. The map also includes a driving time slider which allows you to adjust the driving time from a 10 minute drive to the full two hours.

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