Friday, March 12, 2021

The Japanese Tsunami Video Map

Mapcident is a rather voyeuristic interactive map which maps videos of accidents around the world. Mapcident says its mission is "to offer everyone the ability to share when, where and what they have observed, in it's raw form." 

In essence Mapcident allows you to search for and watch videos of accidents posted by people around the world. If that seems a little gruesome that is because browsing Mapcident can be gruesome. On the other hand you might argue that Mapcident provides an important record of historic events. For example the link to the map I provided above will take you to a map of Japan which features a number of videos taken during the Japanese tsunami which struck the north-east coast of Japan ten years ago yesterday. 

If you want to find and watch videos of other historic events you can use Mapcident's filter option, which allows you to search the map by date and keyword. Although in my experience in most cases all you are likely to find are videos of car crashes and incidents of road rage.

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