Monday, September 05, 2011

Tell Your Story with Google Maps

I'm sure everyone has a story to tell - and you can tell yours with this Google Map.

Stories Unbound was created for the Melbourne Writers Festival. It is a social media platform (website and iPhone app), that lets users write and geotag stories wherever and whenever the mood strikes.

You can read submitted stories by selecting a marker on the map. It is also possible to select a story from the slide-out sidebar, where you can also submit your own story by selecting a location on the map.

The Google Maps interface for Stories Unbound uses Google Map Styles to create a map which is in keeping with the Melbourne Writers Festival brand. The clean look of the map, with most of the map labels removed, also creates a clean interface, which encourages the user to explore stories by location.



marion staren said...

good luck to you )))

Seaim said...

I think I have the best google map story of all - but I used the "google map street view" - and hope it qualifies.

Please read - review - and enjoy. I am going to bet you vote it as #1 with a bullet!

Some movies start with "based on a true story" - this WAS a true story. I lived it and lived to tell about it.

Unknown said...

My Wife, a Professional Medico/Legal Interpreter had an assignment in Aurora, Colorado.

Her Contracting Office, now unreachable, had given sparse, and inaccurate directions to a Facility where an examination for Court was taking place in less than 25 minutes.

She called me at my office and explained her plight and I searched in Google for the location. I got the CORRECT ADDRESS, popped it into GOGGLE MAPS and immediately found and corrected the misfortunate directions she had, where She arrived in 9 minutes!


Thank From Mike and Irmita!!
All with the Help of GOOGLE MAPS!!!