Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Covid-19 International Travel Restrictions

Because of Covid-19 countries around the world have imposed restrictions on international travelers. These restrictions obviously differ from country to country. The International Air Travel Association has therefore released an interactive map to show the travel regulations which have been imposed by individual countries around the world.

On the IATA Travel Regulations map individual countries are colored to show how restrictive their travel regulations currently are. The darker blue the country then the more restrictive their current regulations are for international travelers. If you click on individual countries on the map you can view in detail their current international travel regulations (dated by date of publication).

Some countries have imposed travel restrictions which are more restrictive for some nationalities than for others. Therefore international travel permissions can differ depending on the country you are traveling from. CovidTravel acknowledges this by showing the international travel restrictions for individual countries. If you select your country from the drop-down menu CovidTravel colors all the countries of the world to indicate the current travel restrictions imposed on people traveling from the selected country of departure.

If you click on individual countries on the map you can also see links to that country's official travel guidance for international travelers.

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