Saturday, January 20, 2007

Google Maps Australia is now live

It appears Australia now has it's own domain for Google Maps. Google Maps went live with streets, roads and place names back on May 18th, 2006. Google Maps Mania reader Chris Clarke explains the experience prior to today in his email tipping us off on the new domain: "Australia's had its own street directory for a while now, but you've had to type Australia in your search each time."

Other Google Maps "domains": USA, Canada, UK & Ireland, Netherlands, Japan, China, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Planet Mars, The Moon, Google Maps for Enterprise

New Google Maps Mashups for Australia:

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Google Maps Wedding Mapper

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Planning a wedding? can help you tackle one of the challenges involved in sending out invitations and getting everyone where they need to be (where the ceremony and reception are, where the airports and hotels are, etc). Wedding Mapper is the creation of a seasoned Google Maps mashup creator, Jared Cosulich who is the developer behind (A do it yourself Google Maps creation tool).

Here is a description of the site from Jared:

Wedding Mapper, powered by CommunityWalk, provides a simple, effective, and tasteful way for couples to map out their weddings. The user can add various markers to an online map -- such as "ceremony," "reception," "hotel," or "airport" -- to show where the locations are in relation to one another and then can supplement the marker with web links, uploaded photos, custom descriptions, etc.

Wedding Mapper is perfect for couples who want an interactive wedding map for their guests. It's easy to share and prints cleanly (both as a complete map view and as a simplified list of all the map markers). It also provides directions from one location to another, which is always helpful for out-of-town guests. You can see a sample wedding map here:

Sample Wedding Map:

To create your own wedding map simple visit Wedding Mapper ( ), and follow the instructions. It's quick and easy and will save you a lot of time while giving your guests all the information they need to ensure they have a great time at your wedding! (with an English interface) should work for Canada, US, Japan, New Zealand and Australia, most parts of Europe and parts of Africa. Thanks to Luistxo from Tagzania for correcting this point..