Sunday, November 18, 2007

3 New Google Maps Facebook applications

New Facebook apps using Google Maps:
  • Our Places - A Facebook app that combines Google Maps, Bigtribe Geohana, and Facebook. [via]
  • TinyURL-style Google Maps Facebook tool - Provides you with a free map that has a short URL, making it easier to send to friends.
  • My Camps Facebook App - Facebook application for searching, rating, reviewing, mapping and sharing summer camps. [via]



Anonymous said...

I'm looking for a facebook app that will let me embed my own google map in my profile.
I have a KML file that's stored on my web site, and I can display it in Google Maps. There's the option of copying and pasting the code Google Maps generates to embed that google map "anywhere" but I have yet to find a facebook application that will let me paste it and display that map.
Does anyone know of a simple facebook app that lets you paste the Google Map embeded code or maybe a facebook app where you just give the URL of the google map and it displays it for you?

Anonymous said...

Hello, I can help you with this...
We have different 2 options for google maps in facebook.

Anonymous said...

I recently found peers adding one more facebook google map app.

It is probably using iframes for maps however m not sure of their complete architecture. I just want to know can it be done through FBJS?

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
I want to add google maps script into my facebook application

Can anybody help in ?

Thanks in advance!!


spatialbook said...

one more new maps facebook application to add named spatialbook featured with maps on profile box showing latest position that can be feed by manually or automatically
see the developer blog at to follow up detail.

Anonymous said...

I want to create a map and allow people to add markers but I want the ability to approve all changes including adds and deletes. Is this possible?

Anonymous said...

I recently uploaded a gwt + gmaps + facebook a app:


Anonymous said...

I want to recommend very easy setup app Map Tab (add Google map to facebook page)