Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Thanksgiving Flight Map

Update: The animated Google Trends map featured in this post has now been taken down by Google. If you want an alternative you can watch an animated map of the 2022 Pre-Thanksgiving Air Travel Over North America created by the plane tracking website Flight Radar.

Google Trends has published an animated map showing people traveling across the USA to get to their Thanksgiving Day dinners. US Thanksgiving on Google Flights uses CartoDB's Torque library to animate domestic and international air travel on the eve of Thanksgiving booked through Google Flights.

You can use the playback control to navigate through the whole of yesterday's plane journeys. As the day plays out you can see a clear pattern of flights starting on the east coast in the early hours, spreading to the whole country, until the latter hours of the day when flights emanating from the east of the country die down, while flights from the west coast carry on until the early hours of today.

The flight markers on the map are colored to represent the different airlines.

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