Saturday, January 18, 2020

The Live Amtrak Train Map

The Amtrak/VIA Live Map shows the live position of Amtrak and VIA Rail Canada trains. It uses live data from Amtrak's Track-A-Train service and VIA's status service to estimate the real-time location of U.S. and Canadian trains and their current running status.

The location of individual trains is shown on the map with colored numbers. The colors indicate the on-time performance of the train at the last station. In other words a train's color on the map provides a guide to how late a train is running. If you click on a train on the map then you can view how many minutes (if any) it is running late and its current estimated speed.

The map sidebar will shows a selected train's complete schedule, including all the stations on its route. This schedule shows how many minutes late (if any) the train departed each and every station already visited and how many minutes late it is expected to arrive at all remaining stations on its route.

If you want to view live animated train maps in other countries around the world then you should check-out the transit label on Maps Mania. Lots of these live train maps are also linked to in the post Real-Time Train Maps.


Anonymous said...

Did you have an idea about colour chart : late (How many minutes), very late (How many minutes)?

Ben said...

Looks like over 9 mins is yellow and over 30 mins is Red. I think black is over an hour late. All the blacks I see are over 2 hours late, but no Yellows are over an hour.

Ben said...

Go to the information ICON in the upper right and click on "what do the colors mean?"