Thursday, April 26, 2007

Welcome to Google Maps Mania!

Welcome to Google Maps Mania! If this is your first time here.. Welcome! This is a blog that covers all the cool new Google Maps mashups, tools and applications being created by people all over the world. Posts also cover features and additions to Google Maps itself such new mapping data being added, new features and so on.

Here are some cool mashups to get you started:
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Anonymous said...


I would like to submit my mashup to your list.

It is a google map with a timeline mashup.

You navigate to where you want via the map and at your destination you get a timeline of current events.

here is a link:


kent gibson

Englestone said...

Hi Guys,

Have you got any cool examples of using Google Maps with silverlight?


Andreas Wagner said...

hi there,

i would also like to add our site to your list. we have a general information site about the city of hurghada on the red sea coast in egypt. we depend heavily on a map we have created with the google API since Hurghada only has a handfull of street names and nobody knows where anything like hotels, restaurants, doctors etc is.

you find our site here...

we appreciate any comments.


이상선 said...

I want to show up my google maps mashup.

You can enjoy worldwide tour information on the map that was created by many tourists experienced.

Unknown said...

Hi there, I've mashed up Google Maps and YouTube videos featuring Japan's interesting places, people, festivals, snowboarding mountain, fine views and more! Enjoy it and add it to your index so more people can have a fun.


Unknown said...

May I also add my google map application in your list, too?

It is a mood map. Users submit color representing their mood at the moment. The system will generate a mood index every day based on the users' color. From the index, I can see how color is related to ppl's mood. Which region's ppl are happier? etc...

Please comment! Thx!

Unknown said...

Hi again!

Now you can post your recommending YouTube videos as well on my GoogleMaps. Try it and please let us know interesting place to visit in your country!


Coldbeans software said...

User generated content on Google maps: classifieds, announces etc. Get the geo information by RSS:

Unknown said...

There is a great new site listing all the artists in munich's prestigous Schwabing quarter that will take part in the open atelier weekend "Kunst im Karree" on July 14. and 15 th. Check it out under: http://www.kunst-im

jamesphumphrey said...


Great site. I'd like to recommend my site,, be added to your list. It is a growing map of tennis court locations in the U.S. Users can submit comments on the courts and create new court locations.

Anonymous said...


I would like to submit to your list. The site allows you to find Ontario golf Courses quickly it also has integrated driving directions and local weather.

Pastplaces said...


I would like to submit my Google Maps mashup showing Sales that are NOW ON on the high street and in stores all over the world. Any corner shop, wholesaler or multinational can add their sales event free - Someone somewhere is always having a sale, so check out the locations on the Saleseller mashup and go and see the goods for yourself.

here is the link:


Roger Turner

Marcos El Malo said...

@kent gibson

Are you doing any requests? The timeline idea is cool, but I'd really like to see a googlemap/time travel mashup. One way it could work is if you extended your timeline of "current events" into the future, using the soon the be announced rss feed.

mafussen said...


I just created a site where you can create "google-map-riddles" and try to solve riddles created by other people. You get a picture of a place somewhere on earth and have to find this place.

Here is the link:

Hope you like it :-)

Ray W said...

Just another Google Maps Mashup, this one shows Panaramio photos, Wikipedia articles with a location context, mineral deposits, dams, airports, earthquakes and much more. Take a look and send feedback to

Ray W said...

Sorry, forgot the site address. It's

mafussen said...

I have added some features to my site... Have a look at the newest version:


Anonymous said...


I would like to submit my mashup to your list.

It's a google map controled by a header made in Flash, and a left panel also made in Flash.

It's a bidirectional Javascript-ActionScript talk. Through the Google Map you can launch mp3 Audios inside the Flash pane.

So far it's only in a Demo State as there is only one AudioGuide. Later it'll be fed up by a database backend system.

The link:


Contraflow Map Group said...

Check out the Google Maps version of New Orleans Contraflow Evacuation Map:

It was created by LA citizens just in time for Katrina's 2nd Anniversary.

Anonymous said...

I would like to add my mashup to your list:

Name: Google Maps News Explorer




Juan Carlos

mtx said...

Hi, there is a Route Planner in Argentina that use Google Maps.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

we just started a new google map chat and would like to submit it to your list:

At this site you can send Messages and Pictures to the World, a Group or other Users.

You can define your own public or private groups and invite other users to join your groups.

Just try out!


Anonymous said...

HI I couldnt see a link for how to submit new mashups for your directory ?

Anyway check out gruvr local music map

It recognizes where you are and maps out local shows without requiring any registration. Also you can get tour-map widget of your favorite band for your page like this: Eisley tour tracker map

Or full tour map:
Eisley tour map

Themis said...


I would like also to submit a site if this is possible. It's a very useful coffee shop directory for the city of Amsterdam off course.

Regards, Themis

Nordman said...

Hi there!
I would like to submit another one mashup to your list:

The site allows you to use Google Maps directions or create routes by hand point-by-point and then convert them to OziExplorer (.rte and .wpt) or GPX files.

Sergey. Thx!

Pedro Cury said...


Nice website! Lots of great stuff.

I would like to suggest my map. It´s a map for mountain biking trails, routes and street/trials spots in Brazil, located at The marks are related with the website content, like text, photos and videos.

It´s in portuguese and hopefully will have some international spots soon.

Keep the good work,


Anonymous said...


Heres a mash-up for your list!
New Zealand's accommodation site extensively uses google maps on the site.
Mainly to show where accommodation is located in New Zealand.

Check it out:


Anonymous said...

I will like to propose a google map mesh up. The description of the map is here:

Google Map Meshup for NGOs

Unknown said...

Hi there,

Thank you for introducing my previous two maps (Video maps in Japan & Queenstown picture map ).

Now I've made "Tokyo subway transit map", which recommends the shortest transit ways in English (Google transit can do it only in Japanese). And also tells you sightseeing spots in Tokyo using flickr and youtube.

Tokyo subway transit map

Please try it!

Thank you.

Michael said...

Hi.. I also wanted to submit my site.. while I originally created this back in 2005, I just dusted it off and retooled the algorithm and db a little bit.


Stephen Akins said...

I have another mashup for your list:

This is an Japanese/American steel company called Marubeni-Itochu Steel America Inc.

You can select different categories of services on the left and see locations that have that service. Mouse-over activated info boxes provide links to information about the services that the location provides, as well as a link to contact that specific location. The Network map is closely integrated with the contact form and the processes pages.


Ray said...

Hey - I created a google mashup - to track ghost reports from around the world. segmented by category and displays a unique color marker - the tab data links to the ghost report - just click on World Ghost Map - then you can navigate to the report. -

in the report view I have it tied to census data for the area - if it exist... My first mashup and now I have a zillion more ideas.

This BLOG is great - Hope I can get listed.

Ray Alba

Anonymous said...

Hey! Just want to add my mashup to your list.

Christmas Tree Farms in Toronto area. Places where you can cur your own christmas tree with your own saw. Nothing fancy, but hopefully helpful for torontonians.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

Wondering if you would post my site.

It's pure Google Map, unless of course you are a no script browser.

The map takes up the full browser space and uses a window pane for information.

Thanks for looking,

Nick said...


I created a google map mashup for hiking trails in the US and Canada.

Not sure if it qualifies for a post :-).



Anonymous said...

Check out:

Create and share your information on map about yourself, interests, hobbies and places and find other users globally and locally.

Anonymous said...

I have found yet another australian real estate web site with a google maps interface.

They also seem to have sales history data for most of australia

sidjohn1 said...

I wanted to drop in my Sprint Family Locator / Google Maps Mashup. It tracks my GPS location via my cell phone and updates my website in real time.
Enjoy !

Enrico said...


Check out 900 Radiostations from all over the world on my mashup.

With one click you can directly listen to the streams.




Anonymous said...

A new web from Spain:

Stuart Pinfold said...

Ever wondered where all the BBC correspondents all over the world are based? will tell you!

Anonymous said...

Find U.S. Funeral Homes at:

Anonymous said...


Here's a mashup which combines data from Google Maps and Freebase to provide data about the world's major cities. Guide books and other city-related info provided from Amazon.

Here's the link...


Anonymous said...

Hi All!
Checkout our Fully customized photo-map mashup. With Flash AS3 Mapping API.


Anonymous said...

Great Blog! Will you please add our new Google Maps based mashup for finding vacation rentals and furnished homes?

Search for Vacation Rentals by typing in your destination, property address, landmarks, state and national parks, theme parks and much more. The auto suggest tool helps pin point locations on the Google interactive map.

Free for owners to list properties and Free for vacationers and travelers to search the map.

Here is a link to our flash demo presentation -

Keep up the good work - enjoy looking at all the great sites submtitted. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

A brand new site showing over 2000 Museums and Art Galleries in the Netherlands in a clean layout. Can you please add it to your overview?

Brett said...

Check out this new geo-locational boat search:

See what you think

Anonymous said...

A database of all major US Lakes including search:

f melody said...

I have created a mashup of Broadway and Off-Broadway shows with show information and links to restaurants, bars, and parking close to each theatre.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Pegg
I submit you my site which combines:
1)Google maps data
2)Odp data (
3)Meteo data (
4)Local time data (

Geoglob provides data about world's cities.
World map :
Example citypage :

Best Regards
Antonio - Italy

McFads said...

We just released a new site at

We've got a few great uses of google maps, including mapping the most elite vacation rentals in areas like Costa Rica, Telluride, Vail, and Destin.

We also have overlaid the best golf courses, ski resorts and restaurants near those homes.

Anonymous said...

Please consider my new website for addition to your mashup list.

The website is and the title of the site is - Your Virtual Turnpike.

The website features street views, directions and driving simulations for many metropolitan areas and airports in the USA.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
Al Gross,

Anonymous said...

just a shameless plug for my google-maps-using website ;)



EM said...

Wanted to share my first mashup with you all.

It's a mashup of the headquarters of most tech companies in Taiwan. It's interesting to note where the locations are clustered.,com_wrapper/Itemid,58/



Family of Food said...

Your site is an amazing resource. I am incredibly impressed by the collection of maps and mashups here. I wasn't able to find a Food Map category, although I saw several Food Maps listed in the Travel section. I have a food blog with a map. The blog is I'd list the map URL, but it's really long. Any advise on that?

Unknown said...


I'd like to submit my mashup to the list,

It's a site dedicated to roadtrips, and all the cool places you find along the way.

The link is:

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

Maybe I missed the official announcement, but I just noticed that Flash Earth ( has dropped Google Maps from it's list of available sites. I'm not happy about this because it was so very handy to be able to switch between providers and compare data. Also, Flash Earth often had a different data set than Google Maps itself, and sometimes maintained newer data, even when Google reverted to older data.


Hazy said...


I'd like to submit my mashup...


biggerdog said...

Great site, keep up the good work.

Here's Google Map of businesses and services in Dublin, Ireland that I've been working on. Ireland doesn't have too many Google Maps Mashups. If you could include it in Google Maps Mania that would be magic. There chould be plenty more content for the maps section in the pipeline. Here's the URL:



Anonymous said...

Hello - just to let you know that we have updated the maps mashups on our site to include the Google Earth option now too.

Here's an example:

In addition, the 'nearby venues' on each venue review map now show different icons depending on the type of venue (bar, club, restaurant etc).

Many thanks,

Thursday Club team

Anonymous said...

Surprise! I have a new map to submit.

It's not technically clever, but the content is unique - it's a directory of log cabins to rent in the UK - over 200 of them. Hope you like it -

Anonymous said...

Hi-We have a new mashup site that generates thematic maps for counties, census tracts, and zip code area in the US based on US Census data for anywhere in the US. If you want to check it out, go

There is also a free and open source program to convert Census TIGER files to KMLs at

Anonymous said...

We have created a map ( support our 70 destination portals . The site is being populated now for some of the locations; "Lake Como" and "Torquay" for example. We aim to add as much information as is useful for visitors, with overlays and menus. Its a mysql, php/java site with self admin. Obviously we would like lots of people to see it, so here's the link:

Anonymous said...

We have developed what we believe is a unique application that involves Google-Maps... TrackHawk, a real-time circuit-racing solution.

There is a public site which describes the application, and how to run it, at
If you wish, you can go directly to the demonstration-site at

Please ignore the request for a password -- that has been temporarily removed. This has been necessary to limit usage until we move to a new server able to cope with the load.

Anonymous said...

Here's a new one: find a yoga, dance, gym, or pilates center in New York City.

Anonymous said...

New Google Maps Tutorial Website

Just launched a new website that will cover everything you need to know to use (including My Maps).

Check out , particularly the "My Maps" section. New content being added daily....

White Rock Solutions

Anonymous said...

Hey all,

I've been mapping visitor/member addresses in conjuction with census data for museums (at Various basic summary statistics are also available about the demographics of visitors/members.

Also I've been mapping some social networks. Example:
(the markers may or may not be working - I really shouldn't be downloading the pngs from google)

Finally I've been mapping some statistical regression results on the impact of museums on local housing prices. More specifically: estimated values in the price change of individual houses (and houses averaged by census block group) before and after the museum was opened.

I've got about 20 maps up at this point. Suggestions are always welcome!

Peter said...


I recently submitted my Google Map of all Olympic Medallists, well, I've done one for all the paralympic medallists at the Beijing 2008 paralympics.

You can check it out at

I'm a bit better organised this time, and plan to update the map with new medallists each day until the conclusion of the games.

Go paralympians! Those guys are just awesome.

Anonymous said...

I have one to, it a map where RC(Remote control) pilot can register, and write email via the map, it's called a pilot locator, and you can finde flying fields to. or hobby shops.

Check it out for US for the rest of the world

anamika said...

Hi there
I would like to register my google maps application called

It works anywhere, where google maps has street directories.

The Daily Commute is carpooling solution with SMS communication and a carbon and fare calculator.

please get in touch with if interested.

Anonymous said...

I would like to show my new mashup as well: is designed to be a functional display of creative expression on an expanding scale through the use of a map more rich than anything seen on any medium- one that rivals even physical tourism. This project was born of the belief that everyone's story is an integral component to a complete map of the world around us

Anonymous said...

What is it with maps on the internet? why is it apparently impossible to get a proper map of anywhere? I mean a physical map showing physical features and height asl like the UK Ordnance Survey 1:50000? All that seems to be available is sketches showing where hotels are or tourist offices or such-like. My search for a map of Norway on Google took me to a 3-inch map of Norway, showing Oslo and nothing else. Does anybody ever look at proper maps and not just, for example, sketches showing where the major hotels are in a town?
I found it is possible to get reasonable maps of Norway, but only by going to the White Pages telephone directory, which seems a strange way of going about it .

Anonymous said...

Id like to add this mashup. Its a map based restaurant/food search engine called Foodski.

Anonymous said...

Hello there!

First of all thanks for such useful and interesting blog. Since the free webservice we're developing allows users to map events and tours we'd like to contribute to googlemapsmania by introducing mashups our users have made which can be found at

As said users can map events and tours. But not only that. They can attach YouTube movies to any event they're mapping, embed maps of events in their webpages, download map data into their GPS and much more!

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Anonymous said...

This is the blog I need, I guess, to reach contributers to the website I am developing. Please look at and share my dream!

Anonymous said...

This is my Google map for Bulgarian properties /real estates/ web site:
Bulgarian properties

baybedava said...

There is a new example of geoweb applications.
OMOM - Online Members On Map.
Online Members from,,,, and
are on google map.
34 Supported Languages :
English, Turkish, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Deutsch, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, French, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian ve Vietnamese ..

Site Link =
Application Links Application Application Application Application Application Application

No registration or sign up.
About a month passed 25.000+ members with no advertisement.
Members see the applicaiton in the gallery and click then invite their friends.
İn this rate,( about 500+ new members in a day ) in 1 or 2 month, 50.000 members and then the target will be 100.000 + members.
And go on...

Thomas Becquet said...


thanks for the blog !
I would like to submit my site :

It's devoted entirely to rental of parking spaces in french speaking countries. The site is simple to use and entirely based on google maps.


Anonymous said...

Motorcycle Network is a directory of every motorcycle and scooter shop in Australia and we've linked the shops to every product they sell.
We have also mapped every parking spot in the major cities.

Anonymous said...

Maps of English and Scottish Football (that's Soccer to some people!) stadiums. Makes use of the Maps and other Google Ajax APIs...

Anonymous said...

If I may, I would also like to submit my humble creation. I hope that it is straightforward & able to satisfy the needs of people with at least a passing interest in Japan or any potential visitor to Japan.


kyushudan said...

If I may, I would also like to submit my humble creation. I hope that it is straightforward & able to satisfy the needs of people with at least a passing interest in Japan or any potential visitor to Japan.


moksh juneja said...

hi!! What about the twitter mash up, doesnt it fall under this category?? said...

I display hundreds of apartment and house for rent listings in Canada, using client side clustering, and a mishmash of YAHOO YUI library javascript.

Anonymous said...

I'd like and suggest this mashup created by an Italian Public Administration:

Anonymous said...

Another mashup FromBulgaria.Net :

Anonymous said...

Another mashup for locating addresses in India. This is basically a wikimapia clone for address and streets in India

Anonymous said...

good mashup of bernie's victims searchable by name, town, zip, etc.

Anonymous said...

Indonesian Activity Maps.
Designing customized maps for international tourism, travel, and sport activities in Indonesia.
Please see my site
But please it is best viewed with Internet Explorer.
Thank you all, warm regards from Bogor, INDONESIA.
Dr. Sri Handoyo

Anonymous said...

I am looking for PHP/AJAX or java programmer with better knowledge about google map api .. if you think u have the talent please contact

Anonymous said...

I would like to send you this new mashup to find jobs:

Barcrawl Barfly said...


Ours is a UK site - - to create pub crawls using google maps.

We have just incorporated Street View (beta at the moment) to do a virtual crawl of user pub crawls, here is an example:


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the treasure hunt that takes you all around the world

Many treasures are hidden somewhere in the world.

You will get 13 map pins to place on the map, on the spot where you want to dig for the treasure.

For each time you dig, you will get information that tells you if the current location is closer or further

away from the treasure than the previous one.

Cruvic said...

I am following the Credit Crunch Victims around the world and have created a "Crunch Victims" Google Map. You can find my VicMap here or just visit Crunchvictims.comThe map is updated daily with colour pegs representing the different countries.

uaemon said...

I would like to suggest my newly created web site for geolocated tourism guides sharing: Text and audio guides can be uploaded. Audio guides can be played online or downloaded to a windows mobile device and then played automatically when you reach the places.

Thanks a lot for your attention

Unknown said...

Hi I would like to suggest a very cool mashup that maps all the salt water tide stations. The map clusters tide stations and displays the predicted Tide Chart, Weather, Sunrise and Sunset, Moonrise and Moonset, and Moon Phase Details.

Jim Gable said...

Is there a map app that simply takes a list of zip codes and displays a USA map with markers for the locations? I found plenty of maps that do something if you enter a zip code, but I kinda want to go the other way. Enter a list of zips and get a map showing where they are geographically.

Many thanks.

Jim Gable

Jason said...

Hey there...

I am working on a new project to track school building overcrowding in New York City. It is its infancy, but we're trying to get the word out. Check it out here:

Romain said...

Hi, [I hope it is the right place to mention this]

just posted about a "physical mashup" I did between googlemaps and the on-demand card printing service from

The principle is simple: select a map on Google and then make a TouchNote out of it !


Javier said...

Hi, congratulations for the site.
I'm working in a GMaps for Flash project using Flex, you can visit here
I'm working fixing some bugs.
Any ideas are wellcome.

Javier Riestra

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would like to submit my mashup to your list. It is a map creating tool like Google My Maps.

You can create your own maps easily with many editing tools. You can also share it with your friends.


Anonymous said...

hi there,

I would also like to add my recently created mashup to Your list:

it is a simple composition of Google Maps, Google Street View and Video Live Chat (maps state are synchronized across users)

using this website You can guide round Your friends around places You know.

I also prepared short video about this mashup here:


mariush said...


according to previous comment ( http://simpleguidetool.comgoogle maps + google street view + video live chat mashup) I would like to make a little correction to the short video link about this mashup ( youtube link which I sent in previous comment doesn’t work any more – I replaced that video with the new one):

and I also placed this new video on the mashup website under


Unknown said...


Have a look at

We launched on a new site,, which is a social media site for anglers and related businesses. All members and posts get placed on the map, and I think we've done some interesting optimizations.

Thanks. -Ned Desmond

Jim Spadaccini said...

I thought you might be interested in multitouch flickr and Google Maps mashup that we developed.

Themis said...

Hi, can you add the following site in your site.

thanks a lot!

CrisisMaven said...

Thanks for maintaining this copious site! And thanks for the many commentators who have added more links that I am just studying ... Have featured in my Data Visualisation References resource list, aspiring to be the most comprehensive on the net. (Will be updated a little later today, please be patient.) If you miss anything that I might be able to find for you or if you yourself want to share a resource, please leave a comment.

Unknown said...

Hi there - we would like to add the website to your list.

We have a huge search-able database of the worlds airports along with country and city specifications all on a dedicated google maps page. Companies which sign up on our website can also be displayed on the maps.

All comments are most appreciated

Thanks in advance

BlockWild said...


Can you add my website to your list?

The website is and it utilizes a local map to post, search and discover location-based, community-generated content like events, social groups, classifieds ads, jobs, real estate & rentals, and Yelp reviews.

It's a great resource to see what is going on around you.

Unknown said...

Recording travel with GPS is now very cheap and easy. But making sense of all the data can be quite a challenge.

We have developed a site to try and help make sense of it all.

Log in as:
username: guest
password: guest

Or please feel free to register and upload any existing NMEA or GPX files.

Armands said...


May be you are interested. I have created a clickable google map that gathers the weather forecast from the nearest Weather Underground weather station.


krasotaEU said...

For over a year we've been paying around 10 eur/month for GPS tracking services here in Poland, but a few month ago i've found a great and free GPS tracking web-site And it's really great both for our fleet needs and personal tracking.

thought you miпре find this link useful.


Jools Stone said...

Hi, great blog! I'm looking for a map WHICH I CAN USE MYSELF TO CHART MY INTER RAIL JOURNEYS AND THEN PUT ON MY RAIL TRAVEL BLOG. I really like the style of the transsiberian one on the I'd like soemthing as clean and clear as that, but customised to my onw routes around europe.
Can anyone help please?
Please mail me or leave a comment on my blog, url attached.

Unknown said...

Hi, I too would like to submit my completely pointless, but somewhat satisfying map for perusal. This is my first..

GO on... revenge!!

Nick said...

Check out - random street view!

Anonymous said...

here is an example of google map use to show up cultural events in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

This website is called and uses javascript ans API V3.

Swapneel Shah said...


We have a Google Map based website in India! First of its kind in India; though I guess similar ones, exists elsewhere.
There is something that distinguishes us from other though. Draggable routes on Maps!!!

We are using Google Maps API V3.

Our website:
Our Official Blog:

Thank you,

weather said...

Here is the weather forecast from GFS, with snow and rain Google maps!

snow rain maps

Cycling the Alps said...

Hi there,

Another idea what can be done with google maps API, google earth API and GWT. This website gives a full screen virtual experience of cycling in the alps.



David said...

I would also like to add my mashup to your list. It overlays live cams onto a map from around the world.

Bob Torzynski said...

I would like to submit this 'mashup', which is an overlay of user-generated bicycle ratings on top of google's bicycle ratings and shaded-relief for the Rochester, New York area. Further information is available at, and the map itself is at:

Robert Torzynski

Lauren said...

Do you have any idea how many maps you've posted on this site? I'm trying to find statistics on the number of mashups and/or mymaps that are out there, but no luck so far.

Keir Clarke said...

Hi Lauren,

There have been 4,827 posts so far on Google Maps Mania. With a lot of posts having had more than one post I would guess it must be over 7,000.

ProgrammableWeb is a good source of statistics for API use. They have 2241 Google Maps mashups listed.

Unknown said...

Here's a new one:

This site uses Twitter for real time bird sightings in the UK, using the hash tag #ukbirdcount and displays these tweets on the google map. It even changes the colour of the marker depending on the bird 'list' status.

Cheers and enjoy,