Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Build Your Own Subway Map

The map above shows the new metro system I've been designing for Dallas, Texas. I've decided that Dallas needs more of its DART light rail network to run underground. I've therefore been using MetroDreamin' to design the subway network that Dallas truly deserves.

MetroDreamin' is a tool for designing the subway system of your dreams. If you've ever wished that your town had a large underground rail network then you can now actually design one for yourself. You can use MetroDreamin' to map out your town's ideal subway transit system, with multiple lines and as many stations as your passengers will need. Once mapped out all that remains is to raise a few billion dollars and to buy a few spades. 

Using MetroDreamin' it is simple to build a subway system map for any location in the world. This easy-to-use map creation tool allows you to add different colored lines to your town and to add stations at any location. To add a station you simply need to click on the map where you wish it to be located. MetroDreamin' will automatically name your new station using the name of the nearest road (although you can rename the station if you wish). Once you have added a station you simply need to select which colored subway line(s) you wish it to serve and it will be automatically connected to the rest of your emerging subway network. 

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