Thursday, March 16, 2023

The Civic Freedom Index

Civc Freedoms are now in danger around the world. According to Civicus Monitor, which tracks civic and democratic health in countries around the world, civic freedom has narrowed in the USA, France & Spain, and is being obstructed in the United Kingdom. 

The Civicus Monitor annual report ranks 197 countries based on local threats to civil society. In the latest report it finds that 'civil society is under severe attack in 117 of 197 countries and territories'. Countries are ranked based on the 'state of freedom of association, peaceful assembly and expression' and then rated as either 'closed', 'repressed', obstucted', 'narrowed' or 'open'.

The Civicus Monitor interactive map colors every country in the world based on its latest ranking. If you hover over a country on the map you can view its civic health score (out of 100) and its current rating. If you click on a country you can view links to the latest stories about the selected country's civic and democratic freedoms. 

In the latest Civicus Monitor report the United States is listed as seeing 'marginal improvements' to its civic and democratic health. However it remains ranked as 'narrowed'. The 'narrowed' rating is given to countries where "the state allows individuals and civil society organisations to exercise their rights to freedom of association, peaceful assembly and expression" but where "violations of these rights also take place". The United Kingdom has been downgraded to 'obstructed'. Civicus Monitor reports that civic space in the UK is in 'decline' with "restrictions on protests, attacks on migrant rights, & protesters behind bars".

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