Saturday, September 09, 2023

Map of the Best Restaurants

I don't think I've posted a link to a 'find a nearby restaurant' interactive map in over ten years. Today I'm breaking my unconscious embargo on restaurant maps with a link to the superb Map of the Best.   

Map of the Best is an incredibly well designed interactive map which uses data from a number of different restaurant rating organizations to show you great places to eat near your current location. Open Map of the Best and it will automatically show you a map featuring recommended restaurants around your current location.  

The map sidebar includes a number of filters which allow you to refine the displayed restaurant by price, number of stars, review ratings, and type of cuisine. For example, if you just want a cheap-ish pizza you can set the price filter to '$' and enter 'pizza' in the Cuisine search box. The map will then only show you the nearest recommended non-expensive pizza restaurants to your location.

The restaurants featured on Map of the Best have all been recommended or rated by Michelin, 50 Best, Gayot, the Good Food Guide, Google, or Gambero Rosso. It is also possible to filter the results shown on the map to only include restaurants recommended by any combination of these restaurant guides / reviewers.

Via: the excellent Webcurios

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How do I download or use Map of the Best?