Friday, September 22, 2023

The Royal Parks of London

There are eight Royal Parks in London. The parks are owned by the Crown and managed by the Royal Parks charity. The parks originated from land that the royal family once used for recreation and hunting. Over time, these lands were enclosed and became known as the Royal Parks. The public can enter and use the parks for free but public access to the parks remains at the grace and favor of the Crown.

How well do you know London's Royal Parks? Find out by playing the interactive map game London Park Names. All you have to do is type in the name of each one London's eight Royal Parks. Name all eight and you win the game.

London Park Names is my latest interactive map game inspired by the brilliant San Francisco Street Names (and I promise it will be my last for a while). Having created versions of the game using polylines (Streets of Winchelsea) and place-name labels (US State Names) I wanted to create a variation of the game which used polygons to highlight defined geographical areas. The result is London Park Names.

If you want to create your own variation of the game you can clone London Park Names on Glitch.

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