Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Map Your Geotagged Photos

Mapipedia is a new interactive map which can help you map and share your geotagged photos. The platform allows you to upload a series of photos, show the location of each image on a map and show when each photo was taken. The application then creates a slideshow of your photographs, showing you when and where each picture was taken.

You can see Mapipedia in action on this demo map. On this demo map you can see how you the slideshow works and how you can navigate through the displayed photographs by date, location or by photo thumbnail. The demo map also includes links to other photo slideshows mapped using Mapipedia.

If you want to create your own mapped photo slideshow with Mapipedia then you might want to refer to the documentation. The documentation explains how to upload your photos from your computer or import photos from Apple iCloud, Google Photos, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and Flickr.

Mapipedia includes a number of different pricing packages. The free option allows you to upload 100 photos. With the free option your created map will only exist for 30 days. If you subscribe to one of the paid options then you can upload more photographs and your created maps won't be deleted after 30 days.


DrDave said...

Hi, thanks for making a blog about Mapipedia!
I'm from Mapipedia. If anyone has any comments of feedback please either post here or reach out using the contact us section of


John B said...

It certainly looks very slick. Can you optionally plot routes between places as ground routes following roads. I've always wanted that for my holiday pictures when I've done a road trip.

DrDave said...

@John B: Sorry, the ability to plot routes following roads is not implemented. All routes and distances are calculated 'as the crow flies'. Thanks for the feedback.