Sunday, November 29, 2020

Alternate States of America

Random States of America is an interactive map which allows you to randomly-generate new state boundaries to create new maps of the United States. Recent presidential election results can then be viewed on your alternate map of America to show you who would have won the election if the United States was configured in a different way.

If you are a Trump supporter still struggling to understand the concept of democracy, you can use Random States of America to change the political map of America. If you keep clicking on the 'create new states' button you can keep on redrawing the map of the United States until you finally find a fictional map which the orange one might have won. Just be warned that you might have to click that button a lot. Trump lost bigly - so there aren't many ways that you can rejig the electoral map to create a fictional win for the Republicans (at least I have yet to find one).

Random States of America works by choosing 48 random counties and then attaching neighboring counties to create 48 new states (Hawaii and Alaska are always the same). The electoral results for these new states are calculated by applying the county level results for the new states and apportioning congressional representation to each new state based on census data.

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