Monday, November 02, 2020

The Hashtag Election

I have a theory that Donald Trump doesn't really want to be President. What he really wants is more Twitter followers. If you have been following his campaign during this election then you can't have failed to notice that nothing he says is designed to win votes. In fact nearly everything he says is designed to generate angry responses on social media.

And it is working. Donald Trump is beating Joe Biden hands down in the hashtag election. Enter '#trump' and '#biden' into the #onemilliontweetmap and you can view an interactive map of everywhere around the world where people are tweeting about the President and his challenger. 

Notably Donald Trump is mentioned more on Twitter just about everywhere in the world. 

Of course you don't have to search for Trump on #onemilliontweetmap. You can in fact enter any hashtag into the map to see the geographical distribution of it being tweeted around the world. The map shows the last 24 hours worth of geo-tagged tweets for your search term. The map also shows you people tweeting your search term in real-time. 

The Omnisci Tweetmap also allows you to search for the geographical and temporal distribution of words used in Twitter messages around the world.

Using the map you can search for any term used on Twitter and view where the word has been tweeted across the planet. For example you can enter the word 'Trump' and view a dot map of all the locations where people have been tweeting the word Trump. You also have the option to switch from a dot map to a choropleth map view.

Running along the bottom of the map is a line graph which displays the volume of tweets for the searched word over time. This timeline is interactive and allows you to search within a specified set of dates. If you click on the individual dots on the map you can read the Twitter message which contains your searched word. You can also select 'Tweets' in the map sidebar to view a stream of tweets containing the word. Underneath the map is a breakdown of the number of tweets made in different languages for your entered search term.

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