Friday, November 27, 2020

The Tube Map of London Lives

If I lived just 13 stops further west on the London Underground District Line I could extend my life expectancy by 10%. Unfortunately it would cost me over £1 million pounds to move those 13 stops west. I guess I'll just have to accept that one of the costs of being poor is an unacceptably foreshortened life.

Tube Creature is a fascinating interactive map which allows you to explore lots of different data relating to stations on the London Underground network.Some of this data is directly related to the running of London's public transportation, such as passenger volumes at each station and the journey destinations from each station. Tube Creature, however, also allows you to explore some really interesting demographic and economic data related to the areas around each station. 

For example 'Lives on the Line' shows the life expectancy at birth for people who live in the neighborhoods nearest each London Underground station. A 'House Prices' option allows you to view the average house price in the area around each station and the 'Tube Tongues' option allows you to view the most common spoken language (after English) in each area around a station.

If you want a long and healthy life in London then you should make sure you are born near the Piccadilly Line in Knightsbridge or Green Park. The life expectancy at birth is 89 near these two stations. A full 14 years more than the life expectancy at birth of those living near Prince Regent station on the DLR.

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