Monday, March 21, 2022

The National Cycling Barometer

Last year the French Federation of Bicycle Users (FUB) surveyed a quarter of a million bike riders about the cycling climate in their town or city. In FUB's Cycling Cities Barometer cyclists were asked to rate their municipality based on five different categories:

• general feeling
• safety
• comfort
• efforts of the municipality
• parking and bicycle services

Based on the answers given to the cycling survey an overall 'cycling climate' score has been given to each town and city in France (as long as the town received a minimum of 50 responses in the survey). 

You can explore the results of the Cycling Cities Barometer survey on FUB's Survey Results interactive map. On this interactive map you can view the overall cycling climate rating given to each French town. On the map individual towns and cities are colored to show their overall rating (with green being good and red being bad). If you click on an individual city on the map you can view the ratings given to the municipality in each of the different five categories.

If you zoom in on a town or city on the map or open the FUB Priority map you can then view the local locations in the area which were identified by the survey respondents as needing improvements. This map uses red colored dots to show locations identified by cyclists as needing improvement. Locations shown with green dots are those which were identified by cyclists as having seen improvement in the last two years. The blue dots indicate locations where respondents said there was a need for parking for bikes.

Via: weeklyOSM

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