Wednesday, April 13, 2022

AI Generated Maps

Latent Diffusion is a very clever AI powered tool which can create images from a text prompt. Tell Latent Diffusion what you want a picture of and it will generate a synthesized image based on your request.

I asked Latent Diffusion to design some maps in the style of different artists. Here are the (mostly awful) results:

a map painted by Piet Mondrian 
a map of New York painted by Van Gogh

a map in the style of Kandinsky

a map of the US painted by Pablo Picasso

a map of the world painted by Salvador Dali

... and because I'm always looking for a little love I also asked Latent Diffusion for 'a map of the heart'.

Yesterday a lot of the map nerds I follow on Twitter were getting a little excited by a Tweet from Russell Crowe in which he stated, "Maps. I love them. Love reading them , love planning adventures. Love seeing how things relate topographically".

I thought it might be nice to have an image of 'Russell Crowe looking at a map' to accompany this Tweet. I'm not entirely happy with the result.

Of course I've always wanted "a road sign that says 'I love maps'". 

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