Thursday, January 19, 2023

Explore Your Neighborhood Profile

The UK's Office for National Statistics has released a fantastic new tool which allows you to explore the results of the 2021 census for any custom area in England and Wales. This means that you can explore the demographics of your local neighborhood simply by drawing its outline on an interactive map.

Build a custom area profile allows you to select an area by name or postcode. It also allows you to draw your own custom area on top of an interactive map. Once you have defined your area the tool displays the number of people living there based on the 2021 census. If you click on the 'Build Profile' link you can then explore other data gathered from the census.

Select 'Age Profile' and you can view a breakdown of the age groups in your selected area. Select 'Ethnic Group' and you can explore the percentage of different ethnicities in your area. In total there are 31 different census topics which you can explore, including data related to housing, work, and education.

You can also explore the 2021 census results for your area on the Census Maps tool. This tool allows you to explore the same census data. However this map only shows the data for predefined census output areas and doesn't allow you to draw your own areas of interest. 

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