Thursday, July 01, 2021

Google's Finding Food Support Map

Google's new Find Food Support website aims to help connect communities with local free food support. One effect of the Covid epidemic has been an alarming rise in the number of Americans without reliable access to affordable food. Feeding America say that 42 million Americans, including 13 million children, may experience food security during 2021. In other words around one in seven Americans will experience a lack of access to sufficient food because of limited financial resources. 

Find Food Support provides an interactive Google Map which can help people find the nearest food bank, food pantry or school lunch program pickup site. The map includes data on food support provided by No Kid Hungry, USDA and FoodFinder. The map features 90,000 sites providing free food support across the United States. Enter your address into the map and you can view the nearest locations providing free food support near you, including contact details and information on opening hours.

Google's Find Food Support website also includes links to other food support services, such as hotlines and benefit guides. The 'Learn More' section of Find Food Support provides more information about the problems of food insecurity in the U.S. and which communities are most effected. It also provides information about how you can provide support yourself, by donating food, time and money to those in need.

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