Friday, July 16, 2021

European Flood Maps

Over recent days high levels of precipitation across parts of Central and Northern Europe have led to devastating levels of flooding. This has resulted in a number of deaths in Germany and Belgium, while parts of Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland have also been effected by dangerous floods. Since Monday a persistent area of low pressure has caused heavy rainfall across Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands. This has caused many rivers to burst their banks and dozens of people have been killed in the floods.

Germany's Flood Portal shows the current state of flooding in the entire country. The site includes a national river gauge map which visualizes river levels across the country. This map currently shows high water levels in western parts of North Rhine-Westphalia. The Flood Portal website also provides links to the German Weather Service's weather warning maps and to a German Flood risk map.

Switzerland's national mapping service includes a flood alert map layer which allows you to see where lakes and rivers in the country currently have a flood alert. This layer colors rivers and lakes to show the current flood hazard. There are currently flood alerts on many lakes and rivers in Switzerland, including Lake Geneva and Lake Neuchatel. 

In Belgium the government's flood service Waterinfo Belge includes a current situation map. This map shows the current measurements for river gauges and a short term and longer term forecast of flood levels. If you navigate to the home page of Waterinfo you can view all the latest flood warnings for the country, as well as the current warning levels for tides and rainfall.Water levels in South-Eastern Belgium remain dangerously high.

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