Thursday, December 04, 2008

Google Earth Browser for Macs

Google have just released the Google Earth browser plug-in for Apple Macs. PC users have been able to view the Google Earth browser since the end of May, now Mac users can join in the fun.

Here is what you've been missing:
  • Flightsim - one of the first applications built for the Google Earth Browser and still one of the best. Oh -it's a flight sim.
  • Wikisailing - Virtual sailing trips and flights using the GE Browser.
  • EarthSwoop - User submitted collections of the 3D buildings and terrain in the GE Browser.
  • The World in 3D - City tours showing some of the wonderful 3D buildings in Google Earth.
  • Para-Gliding Earth - Para Gliding game using the Google Earth Browser.
  • Earth Atlas - View any kml file in the Google Earth Browser.
  • K2 Gaiaprojector - View Danish related kml files in the Google Earth Browser.
  • Dreaming New Mexico - Highlighting some of New Mexico's dirtiest power plants.
  • Google Earth Demo Gallery - Google's own demo gallery of the Google Earth Browser.

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