Saturday, December 13, 2008

Street View Spots UFO over Sydney Harbour

In what must be a slow news day down under the Australian Press (The Daily Telegraph, The Courier Mail, Newspost) has been full of a story about a UFO sighting found in Google street view. It's also a slow news day here at Google Maps Mania so we are more than happy to pass on the story.

First off here's the picture:

Frankly, that's enough proof for me.

The street view image can be found at Miller's Point, near Sydney Harbour (just click on the image above to see the street view on Google Maps).

I know there will still be some sceptics out there but luckily Google also caught what is clearly the same UFO flying over Tokyo.

Datalink also found the exact same UFO flying over the skies of Melbourne, Australia. This time street view has caught the UFO attempting to beam up a telegraph pole. Clearly the aliens are attempting to disable our communication systems.

Australia and Japan are not the only countries to be visited by little green men. This Street View below captures a UFO flying over San Francisco.

Daddy G informs us (by way of the comments below) that the same red UFO that has been terrorising Australia and Japan has also been seen over Dallas.

How about this one in Virginia Beach, VA, USA? This UFO is obviously constructed from different material, which leads me to surmise we are being visited by aliens from at least two different planets,

Anyway let me be the first to welcome our alien overlords.

For those of you yet to be convinced Google Sightseeing has a large collection of UFO sightings in Google Maps satellite imagery.

Still not convinced huh.

This map geotags the National UFO Reporting Center's database of UFO sightings.
The Alien Tracker Map is tracking the last known movements of a number of known aliens, such as Worf, Yoda and Darth Vadar (currently somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy).



Anonymous said...

Can be a ray of light hitting on the lens? I think so. If follow the road the "ufo" image only appears when you see a sunny sky.

Anonymous said...

Reflection. Looks like a road in the sun.

Aaron Spence said...

LOL, slow news day indeed when typical lens flare is claimed to be UFO's :)

I was going to dig around Panedia for similar things... but don't have time ATM.

Anonymous said...

cmon dun look at the flare........look above it maybe it can be......u can see a shiny object.

Anonymous said...

It looks more like a distorted reflection of the camera vehicle's hood, windshield, and roof. You can see a slightly different reflection of the same if you go east to the intersection of Lower Fort St/Argyle St. You can also see a big chunk of sky on the road near the stairs. That must be the dimensional portal that the ufo came through.

Anonymous said...

The same UFO mysteriously appeared in Melbourne months ago ...

Anonymous said...

looking @ the size of our universe i wouldnt be surprised if there were aliens..think about it...there are over 10000000 stars in our there must be a high probability that there would be another solar system such as ours..i reckon there is life out there..and this has gotta be it..but what anoy said 4:32 sounds about correct..there have been theories about travelling the other side of the galaxy by dimensional portals, whereby matter enters a worm hole and comes out at the other side..these being would be doing that..there is no wat they would go as fast as light to prob get here..

Anonymous said...

lol, looks like the reflection of a lamp or hanging light!

Anonymous said...

I get it. They made it all their way to Australia and did not succeed in beaming up a telephone pole. And why would they disable our communications? To stop critical traffic on UFO sightings.

Anonymous said...

We found the same exact ufo in Dallas.

6278 S Central Expy, Dallas Texas, United States

I'm out
-Daddy G.

Anonymous said...

The fact that they always look the same is the key; can't simply be a trick of the light. It may well be something with the cameras, or it may be Google having a laugh.

You should enter it into this competition we're running at the moment:

It's a conspiracy contest; submit a conspiracy, share it and the winner gets a trip to Vegas.

Anonymous said...

i have a much better one right here....this one even has a guy looking up at them at the bottom left,+Coral&sll=-40.409314,172.636414&sspn=0,356.451416&gl=uk&ie=UTF8&ll=51.528103,-0.060081&spn=0,359.972277&z=16&iwloc=A&layer=c&cbll=51.527148,-0.059647&panoid=i9VCs_VnVkv00M75nrPriQ&cbp=12,302.1,,0,-12.97

Anonymous said...

The reason why these ufo's only appear in the sunny views is because most alien pilots can only fly when there is no cloud-cover. Some aliens, such as those from Jupiter can fly in cloud but only when visibility is zero - obviously they cannot be seen by the street-view cameras.

Anonymous said...

Look this is what i think it is.

i was looking around a friends house and i found the same UFO
look at "14 Hepburn St Utakarra WA 6530, Australia" and look up at the sky. After seeing this i am starting to think that this is a mapping problem and that it did not start in sydney and it could of started anywhere in the world.

Sorry if i got my facts wrong.

Adam Teale said...

Just found another - 11 egan st, newtown, new south wales, Australia

Luke Metcalfe said...

Here's a Google Map showing all UFO sightings in Wikipedia. You guys have shown this site before.

Would be interesting to look up Google Street View on these spots to cross reference.

Anonymous said...

its a lens flair,+Australia&ll=-33.877045,151.212041&spn=0,0.00284&z=19&layer=c&cbll=-33.876951,151.212087&panoid=F0yPRkiU0Gac43EdpRq6hw&cbp=12,166.01,,0,-58.36

J said...

The first picture is a lensflare, as shown if you click the link and see one looong flare from the sun if you look slightly to the left.

All in all you see a huge, more transparent flare behind and all around it.
Clearly people just want to think theres aliens hovering our planet! xD
What makes you think they woke up and thought "Hey! Lets bitch with Earth and slightly show us to them and make them think its a flare!"

I think there's lifeforms on other planets but to think they do things like this instead of just informing us about their existence and try to connect to us is just dumb ignorence.

Anonymous said...

The San Francisco UFO has disappeared, but turn right a bit the mothership is peeking out from behind the clouds! Here's the link.,-122.435903&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=31.150864,56.601563&ie=UTF8&layer=c&cbll=37.733848,-122.435864&panoid=5PnOmq62POtLGYW2fMS5OQ&cbp=12,16.11,,0,-17.68&ll=37.750986,-122.439988&spn=0,0.019248&z=16

Anonymous said...

also look oklahoma 37 calumet , oklahoma , USA

there a UFO i just catched and same like yours in your photos ;)

Anonymous said...

i think its just the sun hitting the camera