Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Gaza Conflict on Google Maps

Gaza Conflict

Prolific Google Mapper Virender Ajmani has produced a map of YouTube videos about the present conflict in Gaza. So far Virender has found 49 geo-tagged YouTube videos about the conflict.

The videos play automatically and the map animates between the different videos. If you don't wish to watch all of the videos you can just click on any of the video's map markers. Alternatively there are forward and back buttons which allow you to skip to the next or previous video.

TimeSpace - Washington Post
The Washington Post's new TimeWorld map is another great way to keep abreast of developments in Gaza. The TimeSpace map comes with a time-line so it is possible to navigate back over the last few weeks and observe how the current conflict has developed.

The map compiles all the world news content from The Washington Post, washingtonpost.com, PostGlobal, Foreign Policy magazine, and partner sites including The Associated Press and Reuters onto one customizable map.

All the news coverage about the Gaza conflict is collected into clusters around hot-spots on the map. By clicking a cluster, users can view articles, blog posts, photos, videos, and even reporter twitter feeds.

Track This Now

Track This Now is a great way to find out how the world's media are respondng to the Gaza Strip conflict. This news site allows you to enter any search term to find out how the world is reporting on that subject.

If you enter 'Gaza Conflict' into the search box markers will appear on all the countries that have been reporting on the conflict. Clicking on a country will load all the news items from that country on the Gaza Strip into the map's sidebar.


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