Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Animated Cycle Accident Heat Maps

Traffic Accidents Involving Cyclists in the ACT is a heat map of traffic accidents involving cyclists in the Australian Capital Territory from 2012 to the end of 2015.

The map allows you to visualize the data in a number of ways. You can view animated heat maps of the data by month or by hour of the day. The map also include a useful tool to adjust the interval times of the animation, allowing you to adjust the speed of the animated playback of the heat map.

The animated heat map options are useful for looking for spatial patterns in the data. One pattern which becomes clear if you use the animated heat map options is that areas to the north of City Hill seem to be where many cycle accidents occur.

The map also includes a date range filter which allows you to adjust the data yourself by date. It is also possible to switch between the heat map view and a marker view. If you switch to the marker view you can select individual accidents on the map to view details about the date, time and severity of the accident.

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