Monday, December 14, 2015

The History Map

Imagine Google Maps with a date control which allowed you to view an atlas of the world for any period in history. That is the ambitious aim of Chronas.

Chronas allows you to view an interactive map of the world showing the country boundaries for any date from the year 1 AD to the year 2000. If you select a year from the time slider, running along the bottom of the map, the map will update to show how the world looked at the chosen time.

Each of the historical maps are fully interactive. If you click on a country or geographical area on the map a Wikipedia article on the selected historical region will open in the map sidebar. For example, if you select the year 573 AD from the time slider, you can select the Visigoths region on the map to learn more about the Visigoths from Wikipedia.

In the next development phase for Chronas the plan is to make the map editable in the style of OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia, so that users can directly contribute to the map.

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