Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Flooding & Fracking

Nearly 20% of the UK's new fracking license blocks are in flood risk areas. Luckily it hardly ever rains in the UK. It definitely never floods.

Greenpeace's Fracking map shows the locations of the new fracking licence blocks issued by the UK government. The map also contains data from the UK Environment Agency showing areas with a medium or high risk of flooding.

Greenpeace reports that 23 out of the 124 new blocks are in areas with a high or medium risk from flooding. They claim that almost all of the rest of the blocks are in areas with some risk of flooding.

Shoothill's UK Flood Alert map shows how little the UK government has to worry about flooding. The map does show that much of the country is currently on flood alert. However all of the current floods and flooding alerts are outside London and the southeast of the country. Therefore they don't really matter.

The government can rest easy in the knowledge that the country's media will continue it's relentless attack on the dangers of wind energy and continue its unqualified support of fracking.

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