Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Star Wars Street View

You can now fly around the world in either a Millennium Falcon, in Darth Vader's Tie Fighter or on board Luke's X Wing. Star Wars Street View allows you to explore Google Maps Street View from inside your choice of these three Star Wars spacecraft.

I'm fairly sure Tie Fighters used to be a lot faster when I fought for the Dark Side. However, despite the lack of speed of these three machines, you can use the handy Google Map provided to quickly hyper-jump to new locations around the world. All three spacecraft also come fully fitted with their own in-craft Star Wars sound systems.

It's time for you to decide whose side you are really on. Are you going to fight for the Dark Side or will you take up arms in support of the Rebel Android forces?

Street Wars: Episode 1 - The Platform Menace is a new Google Maps game which also has a Star Wars theme. In this game you get to choose between fighting for the Imperial Overlord Siths (iOS) or for the Android Rebels. After deciding which side you are on you will be asked to enter your location. You will then be presented with a short introductory report presented on top of a nearby Street View scene.

The game itself is simple to play. You will be shown a number of Street View images. All you have to do is click on a map to show where you think the Street View is located. You will then be awarded points based on how close you guessed to the real location.

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