Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Out of the Ice Age

CBC's three part documentary series The Great Human Odyssey explored the evolution and development of the human race. To accompany the series CBC created an online interactive documentary, Homo Sapiens - Child of the Ice Age.

The online documentary explores human evolution within the context of climate change over the centuries in which humans have inhabited planet Earth. At the heart of the documentary is an interactive map showing the extent of ice coverage of the Earth over thousands of centuries.

You can use the timeline slider control at the bottom of the map to view the changing climate of Earth over the centuries. Each date represented on the timeline includes an 'Explore' button which allows you to learn more about the human race at different stages in its history. If you click on the 'explore' button you can learn more about the evolution and development of Homo Sapiens and the changing climate of the Earth at different stages of our long history on Earth,

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