Friday, December 11, 2015

Where Can You Afford an Apartment?

So lange zahlen Sie für eine Eigentumswohnung (How Long Will You Pay for an Apartment) is an interactive choropleth map from the Berliner Morgenpost which shows you where you can afford to buy an apartment in Germany.

The map shows you how long it would take to pay off a mortgage on an apartment in all the German counties and cities. To use the map you just need to enter how much money you can afford to pay and the size of the apartment you want to buy. The map will then automatically update to show you how long it will take to repay a mortgage loan in each German county based on the average local apartment purchase price in 2014.

After you have entered your details you can also mouse-over individual counties on the map to view the exact number of years it will take you to pay off a mortgage on an apartment in that county.

The Guardian newspaper has created a similar interactive map which allows you to see where you can afford to buy a property in England and Wales based on your annual income.

If you earn the national average wage in England or Wales then you can not afford to buy a house in 93% of the country. That's right you can't afford to a buy even the smallest, worst kept properties, almost anywhere in the entire country. Don't worry though, if you do well and manage to raise you income to twice the national average salary then you just might be able to afford a house in one of the country's poorest neighborhoods

Unaffordable Country is a choropleth map which colours postcode areas based on the affordability of properties in the area. Type in your average salary and the map will show you all the areas where you can afford to live - or, as is more likely, all the places in the country where you can't afford to live.

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