Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Mapping Armageddon

Asteroid Launcher is an interactive map which attempts to estimate and visualize the impact and effects of an asteroid hitting the Earth. Using the map it is possible to view the likely impact of various types and sizes of asteroid hitting a location at different speeds and impacts.

To view the predicted impact of an asteroid hitting your home you just need to click on your town on the interactive map. You can then choose a type of asteroid (e.g. iron, stone etc), the diameter of the asteroid, and its speed & angle of impact. Click on 'Launch Asteroid' and you can then view information on the predicted width and depth of the impact crater, and data on the number of people who would be vaporized in the crater, or killed by the resulting fire ball, shock wave and wind blast.

The chances of an asteroid hitting your town within your lifetime are very slim. You are actually far more likely to be destroyed by a nuclear weapon. But don't worry Bomb Blast can tell you the likely effects of a nuclear missile landing on your home.

Outrider's Bomb Blast interactive map allows you to choose from a range of different types of nuclear weapon and whether you want to detonate it at ground level or as an air burst. You can then view the likely damage of the selected weapon hitting your town visualized on an interactive map. The map shows the likely radius of the fireball, radiation, shock-wave and heat. It also provides an estimate of the number of fatalities and injuries that your nuclear weapon would cause to your chosen target.

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