Thursday, December 22, 2022

The A-A Christmas Quiz

Today I've been preparing my contribution to the annual Clarke Family Christmas Quiz. My map quiz requires you to name 8 countries based on each country's map outline. The name of each of the 8 countries begins and ends with the letter 'A'.

Although there are only 8 countries to name and although you know the first and last letter of each country I think this quiz is still very difficult. If you need a little help then this Wikipedia list of countries beginning with the letter A might be useful.

America, Antarctica, Africa, Asia, and Antigua (& Barbados) are not the answer to any of these country maps.

If the image above is a little unclear or if you want a print-out then you can download a PDF of the quiz - A to A (PDF file download).

The country border outlines for the quiz all came from World countries in JSON, CSV and XML and Yaml.

Disclaimer: I've definitely seen someone else mapping all the countries in the world which begin and end with the letter 'A'. Unfortunately I can't remember where I originally saw this. It could well have been one of the maps created for this year's #30DayMapChallenge. 

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