Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The 2014 Maps of the Year

It's that Maps of the Year time again. Each December I look back and celebrate some of my favorite interactive maps of the year. This year I've split my annual round-up into two parts. Maps of the Year - Part One covers the months of January through June, with the last six months of the year to come before the New Year.

The Maps of the Year doesn't appear to work on Internet Explorer. Try Chrome or Firefox instead!

This year you can filter my round-up by map provider. This is really handy for anyone who wants to find great examples of maps by specific mapping libraries. However, regrettably, it does mean I've had to leave out two or three maps which weren't made with one of the main mapping API's.

If you are a fan of great maps you should also check-out Cartonerd's Favorite Maps of the Year. As well as highlighting some of his favorite maps Kenneth Field has picked out some of the mapping trends and movements that he has spotted in cartography over the last year. With his usual honesty Kenneth is not afraid to highlight some of the mapping trends and map reporting which he finds not as useful or informative.

Some of the maps I've chosen would probably never make it into a Cartonerd round-up. However, whether you love them or hate them, I hope you have as much fun exploring them as I had in compiling this list of the Maps Mania's Maps of the Year (Part One).

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