Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Your Human Google Maps Assistant

Diane Rabreau is your personal Google Maps search assistant. If you ever come across anything strange on Google Maps or want to know more about a certain location - just ask Diane. She will visit the location in person and report back on what she finds.

Diane Goes for You - A Living Search Engine for Unknown Destinations reports back on the destinations which Diane has visited. For example, Gino wanted to know about these scratches on the water in a Norway fjord.

Diane visited the fjord and discovered that the scratches are actually tubes holding nets for catching mussels. Like all Diane's answers that isn't all Gino got. Diane also takes pictures and videos on her visits and interviews local people and, if necessary, contacts experts to explain what she finds.

So, if you ever find something strange on Google Map's satellite view, contact Diane and she just might visit the location and report back on what she saw and experienced.

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