Monday, December 22, 2014

The Taxi Data That Keeps on Giving

This year Chris Whong created an impressive interactive map from New York Taxi Data. Chris' map has made it on to most Maps of the Year lists that I've seen in the last couple of weeks and it has also gone on to inspire a number of other maps using the same data.

The latest map of New York taxi journeys is NYC Taxi Map 2013. This one is an impressive example of using Google Maps with Google Cloud Dataflow. Using Cloud Dataflow the map geo-fences the taxi data by New York neighborhoods. The result is that you can click on an area on the map to find out the distribution of drop-off locations, the average fare, average tip percentage and average number of passengers of trips that started in each New York neighborhood.

Chris Whong's original map, NYC Taxis: A Day in the Life is a MapBox visualization of the journey of one New York taxi over the course of 24 hours. You can also view the NYC Taxi Holiday Visualization, which animates taxi journeys from New York's airports over the course of a month and half, and Hubcab, a mapped visualization of 170 million taxi trips over one year in New York.

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