Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Best Places to Live in the Bay Area

Teleport is an interesting real-estate search engine for the Bay Area. Tell Teleport where you work, how far you wish to commute and how much you wish to pay for housing and it will recommend the best areas for you to live in the Bay Area.

At the heart of Teleport is your preferred commute time. Enter a commute time into Teleport and your mode of travel and you will be shown a heat map of recommend areas within reach of your workplace. The areas marked in green are the best matches for your search.

You can add a number of other filters to your search. These include Food & Nightlife, Outdoor Recreation, Sports, Safety, Schools and Internet Access.

Clicking one of the recommended areas on the map brings up a comprehensive neighborhood guide. The guide to each neighborhood provides a wealth of information about the area, including reviews of local bars and restaurants, employment opportunities, work spaces and safety.

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