Friday, May 20, 2005

ka-Map open source "Google map" style application

ka-Map open source "Google map" style application - May 18/05

Amidst raving about Google maps capabilities, an new open source project pops up that does many of the same things.

(Full Article..)

Unofficial Google Maps Embedding How-To

This is a guide on how to include or embed a Google Maps map viewer widget in your very own web page.


Watch this.. (Now) - Google Maps flash walking tour

Jon Udell has been hard at work creating a 5 minute flash walking tour of Keene, New Hampshire, USA, using Google Maps and this site. He has posted about the tour on his blog.

Check out Jon's wiki on Google Maps here.

This is a really good example of what opportunities exist for folks to create Google Maps tours that come alive.. Great job Jon!


Google Maps predicting another British invasion?

Pearly Gates has posted a good one.. Seems that Google Maps has the UK moving closer to North America by situating it in the middle of the Atlantic! As the Richard points out: "Read into it what you will."

View the map picture here..

Minimo claims to be only Pocket PC browser to display Google Maps

Minimo is a Pocket PC web browser designed to offer users an option besides Pocket IE.

"We believe we are the only web browser for the Pocket PC that supports Google maps."


WebProNews: Hacks Increase Google Satellite Maps Usability

A recent Google Maps hack story..

Hacks Increase Google Satellite Maps Usability - 2005-05-16

A little over a month ago, Google unveiled satellite technology, which was acquired from Keyhole, onto their Google Maps service.

(Sadly, no link to Google Maps Mania :))

Follow your traceroute with Google Maps!

This tool allows you to traceroute to an ip address on the Internet with Google Maps showing you the path that it takes. Enter your own ip address to see how it works, or choose from a number of preset sites like Blogger and Microsoft. Be patient with this site as it takes a bit of time for the traceroute to take place, then display in the map window.

Not sure what a traceroute is? A traceroute is basically the path that things requests to view webpages take or the route that an email might take to reach it's final destination. For a more indepth description check here.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Make Google Maps Wallpapers

The creator of the Yahoo! Traffic/Google Maps hack has added a link to a fascinating new Google Maps tool - Google Maps Wallpapers. The Google Maps satellite tiles merger tool is described as:

gMerge is a python script that merges Google Maps satellite "tiles" in order to produce a wallpaper (or even a poster!).

You can choose from one of your own locations, or select from some of the more popular Google Sightseeing captures as well! This is a breakthrough tool for people that want to create Windows backgrounds or print images from Google Maps.

Here is an example image from Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada:

(Click the image to see it in full size)

Internet Movie Database ( Google Maps hack

Okay, this is pretty cool. From the creator of the Gasbuddy hack comes a hack which matches you up with movies in your area using the popular Internet Movie Database. The interface is very similar to the fuel-finder hack - enter your city, and the approximate time you wish to go (today, tomorrow) and it will visually plot using your locations where there are movies playing. At this point it only contains listings for cities in the U.S. states of California, New York, Texas and Washington. Once you have found the movie you want to see, there is a link to purchase a ticket online, and of course the usual Google Maps stuff like directions. Very cool.

Will these tools continue to evolve? Will there be more? The 'hacker' claims to be only experimenting with the use of Ajax and says that the website is "solely for academic purpose only". I've invited his comment to this entry to see what the future plans will be.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005 launches crime map using Google Maps has launched a "A freely browsable database of crimes reported in Chicago" and they've created it using Google Maps. The site is quick to mention that they are not affiliated with the Chicago Police Department but rather a non-profit group that is displaying what is already publicly accessible. The site was was developed and is maintained by a Chicago-based Web developer who wishes to remain anonymous, for privacy and security. The site was designed by a friend of the developer. makes friends with Google Maps


= Cheap Gas has made Google Maps its new pal. The place for cheap petrol now uses the Google Maps interface to match you up with cheap gas in your area.

Hmm.. I see a marketing explosion about to happen. Housing and Gas are the first to pop up - will we see grocery stores employ this on a local level to direct the "coupon clippers" to the closest supermarket to pinch their pennies to find the cheapest toilet paper?

[via] adds Google Maps functionality

Not to be outdone by the CraigsList/Google Maps hack, has added similar map-plotting functionality to its real estate listings. The service appears to only be in use throughout South Florida. The blog says;

The ability to view the location of the listing, as well as the surrounding area, will help you quickly determine if the listing is worth pursuing or not. Click on the Satellite link at the top right of the page to have the map display actual Satellite images from space (we highly recommended trying this!). credits as the large help behind the enhancement.


Googlezon snaps a UFO?

Okay, so I don't usually post the interesting satellite imagery taken from Google Maps. There are other blogs for that. I found this picture being discussed recently and thought I should put it to you for a decision... Is this a UFO?

Talk amongst yourselves... :)

Geoblogger's Flickr + Google Maps project gains steam

The Geoblogger project which is combines Flickr and Google Maps appears to really be gaining some steam. This map of San Francisco shows what is possible with this latest Google Maps hack.

This concept looks a lot like Thickey's Goolickr.. You might remember my post about her start and finish of this hack-up she creaetd a few weeks back.

This process is called "geotagging". There is already a geotagging group on Flickr if you want to get started.


WIRED News covers the rise of Google Maps hacks

WIRED News has written up an excellent story based on the very themes of Google Maps Mania. The article talks about how the open nature of the Google Maps code is spawning many ideas and "hacks":

Hey Google, Map This!
02:00 AM May. 16, 2005 PT

(an excerpt:)

These simple but powerful hacks are not exactly authorized. Google has not offered software tools and licensing terms for developers to work with its mapping engine and data. But the hacks nevertheless offer a compelling glimpse of what's possible when online data plays well together -- a major goal of internet-standards initiatives such as XML that, for the most part, are still a work in progress.

But Stewart Butterfield, a Flickr co-founder, said he thinks Google Maps is a natural service for tech-savvy developers to want to use as the basis for experimentation.

"The main reason we're seeing it mashed up is that the implementation is eminently hackable, whereas few other similar services are," said Butterfield. "If you're a developer with a neat idea for mapping stuff, Google Maps is perfect, because all the data is accessible."

(Read the full story)

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Find your friendly local brothel on Google Maps!

Quickie Google Search Lays Out "Brothels"
Yahoo! News - Thu May 12

What do the University of Oregon's history department in Eugene, Ore.; the Happy Ending bar in Manhattan; and the Abstinence Clearinghouse in Sioux Falls, S.D. have in common?

According to Google Maps, the for-free location and driving instructions service that the San Francisco-based search giant operates, all are identified as houses of ill repute.
(

Google Maps tip: Use airport code for directions to airports

Jeremy Flint has a good tip:

If you are traveling somewhere, and need directions from an airport to a hotel, house, or anywhere, don’t worry if you don’t have the exact address of the airport.

Just take a look at your ticket, get the 3-letter call sign for the airport, then head to Google Maps. Enter the call sign into the search field, and it will center the map on the airport for you.

Here is his example.


Thursday, May 12, 2005

Mobile users: Plot your bluetooth GPS on Google Maps

Blogspotter Gpswanderer has written some pretty tidy code that allows you to convert a GPS location to Google Maps on your mobile phone. Gpswanderer explains:

The demo app reads the current latitude / longitude position from a Bluetooth GPS device and converts the coordinates into an x,y map tile reference for Google Maps. After connecting to Google Maps over GPRS or 3G and retrieving the tile, it displays it on the screen.

Check out his post for more info...

GMap Viewer - Google Maps viewer for Java-enabled phones

Sreid over at has posted information and download links for a Google Maps viewer that he has created for Java enabled phones called GMapViewer.

He has included a device compatibility chart and a user manual to get you started..

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Google Maps UK on your mobile.

The Google blog has informed folks in the UK of their new Google Local-for-mobile service which includes Google Maps:

So we say: step away from that computer. Click a few buttons on your keypad and head to that new Thai restaurant near Piccadilly Circus. If you're slightly disoriented once away from the screen, Local gives you Google Maps and driving directions too.


The Feel Small Project

Flickr user idansimpson has created the Feel Small Project which is a list of instructions to build your own Flickr slideshow using Google Maps Satellite, an image program and's slideshow feature. The concept follows along a bit with the MemoryMaps idea and allows to display to viewers where you live with your own narrative. By zooming out, you realize, really - how small you are. Hence the name. There is even a Flickr feelsmallproject group! One comment on idansimpsons's page with the instructions reads:

Excellent! A DIY "Powers of 10"!


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Google Maps an asset to local businesses

Alia's Internet Marketing Blog describes the marketing benefits to local businesses with the introduction of Google Maps.

"A potential customer who is just seeking services may have otherwise not been aware of a business' website. Google maps enhances local traffic to these businesses both online and in the stores."

Tip: Use Google Maps to see how far your destination is from a Chicago transit stop

LJ'er unhappymeal has tip on how to use Google Maps to see how far your destination is from a Chicago transit "L Stop"

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. In the search field, I type 2464 N Lincoln Ave Chicago. I get the standard illustrative rendering that google maps provides.

Step 3. Zoom in all the way, so you can see street-level.

Step 4. Click satellite in the upper right corner. I am now looking at this satellite image of the location of BW3's.

Step 5. This next step is optional, as many of us already know the cross streets of many of the L stops. Open up the CTA system maps in a new tab or window to get a rough estimation of where the closest L stop will be (Fullerton).

Step 6. Grab the screen in the google maps window and drag until you see the L tracks. In the case of the BW3's, the tracks are immediately west of the location pointer.

From these steps, I can see that BW3's is only a few blocks away from the Fullerton L stop, and that I could easily walk there.

This is a great way to make better use of Google Maps for those of you in Chicago! Do you have any nifty Google Maps tricks or hints? Post them in the comments section!

Automate the geotagging process for

The Excellatronic Communications blog has come up with a method that makes adding GeoTags to your Flickr images, and then submitting the images to the site a slightly more automated process. Check it out..

Monday, May 09, 2005

Will ads target the satellite cameras?

Will Google Maps satellite views give way to more "aerial" advertising? Nootropic thinks so. This blogger points out a Pepsi logo from a waterpark in Tempe, Arizona and wonders if more ads will be targetted toward the watchful eye of a passing Googlezon satellite. :) Suddenly a brand or logo on the top of a building is visible to more people than just those in its flight path...

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Google Maps/Yahoo! hack: live traffic conditions

Okay, so what do you get when you combine traffic data and icons by Yahoo! and a mapping interface by Google? Simple.. you get a really clever map with live traffic conditions.

This is yet another example of Google Maps being used with another popular web-based service. Do you think the MapQuest offices have closed yet?

Geobloggers - mixing Google Maps and Flickr

Upon arriving at you are greeted with the following tagline: "Mixing Google Maps & Flickr: 951 photos geotagged and counting."

Geobloggers provides the following instructions when posting photos to to be picked up by geobloggers:

1. Add three tags to your photo, "geo:lat=xx.xxxx", "geo:lon=xx.xxxx" and "geotagged", where xx.xxxx are the decimal format for it's lat and long position.

2. Example "geo:lat=53.013", "geo:lon=-2.1756" & "geotagged" Then;

* Fastest, in the description add a link to (i.e. (geotagged). From the photos own page (not the photo stream) click the link. geobloggers will automagically look up the photo you just came from and search the tags for the lat and long. Note: If the link doesn't seem to work wait a couple of minutes and try again. Sometimes it takes a short while for the lon/lat tags to appear in the XML data I get back from the flickr API.

* Slower, just wait. geobloggers picks up the RSS stream for all public photos tagged as "geotagged". It does this once every 5 mins, but the RSS feed itself is updated far less often (as far as I can tell). As it only holds the last 10 pictures, it's possible it'll miss some this way, I'll wrangle around this in the future.

3. errr...

4. that's it.


1. If your camera records the GPS data in the Exif headers, tag your photo with "geocoded" and it'll be grabbed from the RSS feed

Here are some examples from the Geobloggers site which are linked through to

MinimalistFan, lat:26.611 lon:26.611ajft, lat:-38.1416400107 lon:-38.1416400107tamura, lat:25.2 lon:25.2

This has some real potential to create some unique, amazing photo collections!

tipped off: [via]

Thickey finishes Version 1 of Goolickr (Flicker + Google Maps)

You might remember my post about Thickey's idea. Well, she has officially finished
version 1 of her Google Maps + Flickr tool appropriately titled: Goolickr!! (I love the name!)

Take a closer look here.

Google Maps directions in your business website

The Malevolent Design blog has posted instructions for more novice webmasters to incorporate Google Maps directions into their business website. Sample code to a nifty web-form which talks to Google Maps has been set up on this post for you to swipe and use freely!

As the author points out:
(Sorry if this is old news or seems obvious; I've not seen it covered anywhere and it won’t be obvious for most people.)
..They have a point - I haven't seen anything anywhere either!

Fund a free citywide Wi-Fi network: Google ads + local search + maps?

Ideas are abound with the advent of Google Maps. Here is one to fund a free citywide Wi-Fi network using Google AdWords, Local and Maps...

Make Google Maps an OSX Tiger dashboard widget

Here is how to change the "Phone Book Widget" on Apple's new Mac OS X Tiger to use Google Maps instead.


Xamlon develops Google Maps hack

Mapping company Xamlon has created a Google Maps hack. The following preview shows you a combination of Xamlon's mapping interface and some elements of Google Maps. See how their interface works here. uses Google Maps in news stories

The has included a Google Map image in a recent story to show where a stabbing death took place in New York City.

Blogwise 'Beta' blog map tool has added "Blogmaps" which is some experimental functionality to their service allowing you to plot where blogs are located with a Google Maps interface.

Their website indicates: "This tool is an experiment with Location metadata and Google maps"

Blogwise - blog directory