Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Turn any image into a Google Map

Update: Maplib no longer exists so all links have been removed from this post

This next tool is one of the cooler new apps I've come across that has been built using the Google Maps API.. Maplib is an extremely simple app created by Xiao Yisheng that allows you to upload a large image and instantly apply the Google Maps interface to it for easy viewing. Upload an image as large as 6000 x 6000 and host it on MapLib (or embed it on your blog or website) with its own URL and Google Maps viewing interface.

Think of the uses for this! (Examples)
- Maps in various image formats can instantly be uploaded and turned into a Google Maps viewing experience!
- Large images with abundant depth and detail can be annotated
- Detailed business related product photos can be described by owners or other visitors to the image.
- A large photo with many people or places can be annotated like a Google Map!

The list goes on..

To get started, register for an account via a quick email confirmation process. Then get started with creating a map by uploading an image from inside the "My Maps" tab. Settings for each map include title, description and control for who can add map markers. You can have this set for only you, or you can let visitors to the map annotate the image as well. Once the image is live you can send the link to it or embed it onto a website. Here is an example for a large image I uploaded of a recent tradeshow I attended:

More Google Maps Creation Tools can be found here..