Saturday, November 11, 2006

25 Things to do with Google Maps mashups

1. Measure your run route or commute
2. Check the time in a world location
3. Look up a US zip code
4. Measure Area
5. Make your own Google Map out of any map
6. Map your photos
7. Check what's on the other side of the world
8. Find a person in the US
9. Check the weather anywhere
10. Find the nearest Starbucks
11. Discover an eBay real estate deal
12. Find airport parking in the US.. or the UK
13. Create a running route
14. Watch a travel video
15. Find Fast Food in the US
16. Buy beer in Ontario
17. Check the news for your zip code
18. Avoid disease outbreak
19. Beat traffic
20. Make your own Google Maps mashup
21. Avoid red light cameras
22. Find cheap gas
23. Check sunrise or sunset times
24. Convert currency
25. Find a place to live in the US

25 More things to do with Google Maps Mashups here..

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Anonymous said...

Is this only for US maps or also for the maps in the EU as far as you know?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Oh yes... and Travel too...
Check this one out...

Anonymous said...

how bout real estate and internet connection availability or just internet connectivity like backbone locations and major branches of same

Anonymous said...

Find over 60,000 hotels in 2,500 cities worldwide.

Paris example, hotels near the Eiffel Tower:

Anonymous said...

Anyone know how to bring a map up as "Hybrid" by default, when the page loads? I've been trying to find info on this, but to no avail. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Mapyro.Com is another cool website for Google Mapped travel videos. There are a few albums with the route shown in blue and videos shown with balloons.

Anonymous said...

just write this line for by default opening hybrid map :)


Alexander said...

Hi every one,

Here is an interesting example of Google Maps API:

Anonymous said...

this system it's new, Any cloud give me suggestions? thanks.

D@Lx said...

Hi Danny, Google Maps API is used worldwide! :)
Paris is Full of Love!!!
Have a look at Paris filled with enamored icons. It's interesting :)


Parker said...

Heres a simple, crowd-sourced video map site: