Monday, April 21, 2008

Crime on Google Maps


Wikicrimes is a new Brazilian crime map created by Professor Vasco Furtado from the University of Fortaleza in northern Brazil. Frustrated at the lack of official crime data available to the public in Brazil the professor decided to create his own user generated map.

To register a crime users first find their location on the map and click on the map. An information window then opens with a form to enter the details of the crime. Registered crimes are colour coded on the map in three categories, robbery, theft and other.

The majority of crimes that have been registered so far are in Brazil but thanks to coverage from the BBC crimes in other countries are also beginning to be registered.

Via: Mapperz

Garner Police Department

One police department that does produce official crime data is the Garner Police Department in North Carolina, USA. Not only do they publish local crime statistics but they also plot the crimes on a Google Map.

The map can be searched by address. You can define the distance from the address you wish to see crimes for and you can decide whether to see crimes for the last three months, the last six months or for the last year. There are also a number of different classifications of crimes that you can choose to view and the crimes that are tagged on the map are colour coded under the same classifications.


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