Monday, April 07, 2008

The Google Maps Sea Level Rise Explorer

Robert A. Rohde has dropped us a line to share his new variant on sea level rise mapping. The Sea Level Rise Explorer describes itself as a Google Maps mashup that lets you explore the areas of the earth most vulnerable to sea level rise.

The site lays out and explains in detail the potential for sea level rise as well as the accuracy of the maps that are used. The Google Map that is featured on this wiki-style page includes a color coded map that shows the elevation of the land relative to sea level. This tool mashes up sea level data which is primarily from version 2 of NASA's Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) and other sources.

You can even embed this tool into your own website or blog by following the directions on the
Embedding Sea Level Images page. The, map view on The Sea Level Rise Explorer along with the accompanying sea level rise predictions let you draw your own conclusions about how well off some parts of the world are from others in the years to come.

Other Sea Level Maps

Global Sea Level Rise Map - view the world at different rates of sea rise.
Sea Level Visualisation Mapplet - a seal level map for your iGoogle page
Flood Maps - also looks at the effects of sea rises on the world.
EarthTools - if you are worried about rising sea levels then try the elevation finder on this map. Click anywhere in the world and find its height above (or below) sea level.

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